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The Boondock Saints Community
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Welcome to the new Boondock Saints Community!

Just a few rules:

1. No fanfic. If you like Boondock Saints fanfic, try bds_fic irishsinbin or bds100 (thanks pirate_lass!).
2. Pictures are welcome, but lj cut them if they are very large. For an explanation of how to do this, try the FAQ.
3. Intro posts are welcome. The point of this community is to meet others who like Boondock Saints, learn what other people think about the movie, hear about sequel updates, etc. But if you just want to tell the rest of us how much you like the film, go right ahead.
4. Don't abuse other posters. Argue all you want, but don't be abusive. Entries that the moderator deems abusive will not be posted, and multiple infractions will result in the banning of the member.

I do believe the monsignor's finally got the point.

Moderated by: aethera21